BTS Might Spend 5 Years Finishing Their Military Service

Immediately after the news that BTS will develop solo activities in the near future, doubts about the members’ enlistment in turn also began to spread on social networks. In the case of enlisted members, it will take some years for ARMY to wait for all 7 boys on the same stage again.

Usually K-pop groups will let members do solo activities after debuting for about 2-3 years or even shorter. However, BTS has been active as a group for 9 years since their debut.

Only recently, through the Real Bangtan Dinner, did the members share that they will have time for personal development in the near future. That is, entering the 10th year, BTS members have a solo album.

However, according to Yonhap News, Soichiro Matsutani – a Japanese expert – believes that the members’ solo activities have just been announced, mainly related to the issue of military service. He said, “BTS’s suspension was announced in the context of not much progress on the exemption from military service.”

Jin, born in 1992, was once postponed to the end of this year, when he received a proposal from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. But the postponement of Jin’s military service cannot be extended any longer because he has reached the age of enlistment.

In the event that the law on exemption from military service does not have many positive changes, it is certain that BTS members will enlist in the army one after another. Although it is the end of June, nothing has been decided yet.

Soichiro Matsutani predicts that, besides Jin, the other members will eventually have to enlist, so the period of BTS’ group suspension may vary from 1 to 5 years, depending on the military service status of each members.

He emphasized, “The issue of military service is a big obstacle for K-pop groups.”

In fact, the issue of military service exemption for BTS has been debated for a long time and became “hot” in Korean public opinion from the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Korean people have mixed opinions about this proposal.

Fans and people who support BTS think that the group deserves to be exempted from military service, or perform other form of military service instead, because of its great contributions to the Korean economy and achievements in spreading culture. improve national prestige. Recently, the general secretary of the Korea Music Content Association also spoke out for this.

But there are also many people who strongly oppose this issue. They believe that BTS is only successful in the field of music and the achievements they create are not based on real assessed talent. If BTS is exempt from military service, it will not be fair to other young men.

Source:  News daily

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